December 2013 Beer and cheese tasting

On 11 December 2013, Hackney Wicked Women WI welcomed Jo West and one of our very own committee members Lauren Mulhern to introduce us to a highbrow* beer and cheese tasting…

Beer and cheese tasting

An introduction to beer…

Jo explained the beer making process, and how taste and brand has evolved over the years. She also discussed  the interesting marketing techniques and campaigns that some companies and brewers have recently used, to try to tailor their product towards a female audience.

13 - 5

We tried several different types of beer, from a more popular and ‘easy to drink’ lager Kronenbourg, to a much darker London Porter.

This pale ale, Wild River, was my personal favourite…. this may have been due to no one else liking it very much… so by default there was more of it for me to drink. Or maybe it was because there was an animal on the label. Who’s to say…

13 - 3

Cheese tasting…

Lauren talked us through a range of smelly and wonderful cheeses that she had Caerphilly selected (sorry, that was a terrible cheese pun), which went down pretty well with a beer.

13 - 2

We had a variety of cheeses:

  • Blue Monday, the famous Alex James (sha-wing) cheese named after his favourite New Order Song
  • Cornish Yarg – wrapped in nettle
  • English brie
  • Ruby Mist, a blended cheddar with port and brandy

Lauren has what many might consider a dream job. She is a cheese buyer at Cheese Cellar. Yes, a CHEESE BUYER! So we asked her a few questions about her job:

What was your favourite work moment?

‘My fave work moment was definitely going to a supplier’s farm in Devon and making my own cheese – starting with milking the cows! also meeting Alex James (swoon)’

What’s your least favourite part of your job?

‘My least favourite part is probably physically counting all the cheese in the warehouse – can be quite gruelling and smelly!’

Find out more:

* It wasn’t at all highbrow.



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