What’s the point?

It all started on the 11 November in a chilly meeting room in Hackney Wick.

We didn’t all know eachother, and it felt like that awkward moment when you share the left with a colleague you don’t really know, or when you attend a training event and you need to moderate your biscuit intake to ensure you’re not labelled the ‘opportunist’.

Two mature (and one might say more traditional) Women’s Institute veterans from Essex to deliver a somewhat ceremonial introduction, whilst copius papers and details were handed out, and we tried to take note of rules and regulations.

But what was the point?

For many of us was really about making friends and doing things. That’s it really. And that’s why we meet, to:

  • learn new skills and hear from inspiration speakers
  • meet people and organisations in our local area
  • make friends with other women in our community
  • have fun.

what we want to do...

We’ll be blogging about some of our meet ups, and other things we’re up to around Hackney Wick. We hope you’ll stop by our next meet up, or keep up to date here on our blog. Don’t be shy. We’re all pretty welcoming and ridiculous.

Lora Su
Committee Team, Hackney Wicked Women WI

Find out more:


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