June 2014 meet up – Boxing and Aerobics, Victoria Park

After all the cake and beer in May, we felt we needed a bit of a work out in June. So we took to our favourite local spot of green in Victoria Park for some fierce exercise.

We met Karen, Catherine and Nathan from Putney and Roehampton Boxing Club, who took us through our paces…

Photo 11-06-2014 19 18 56

Giggling resulted in 10 situps for everyone. So we had to be serious. Which was really difficult.

Photo 11-06-2014 19 45 12



By the end of the session, we all had pretty strong right hooks, and even got to do a bit of sparring with Nathan. Some of the WI managed to forget the ‘no shots to the head‘ rule… sorry Nathan.


After boxing, we went straight on to some Aerobics with Rosie Powell. At this point, most of us were struggling heavily, and we needed quite a few water breaks.

Photo 22-07-2014 17 50 29

The sun came down….. and we were starting to get a bit ropey on the legs, but we worked our tooshes off and definitely earned ourselves a cider. 


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