Meet the team: Niki, Vice president and movie-buff

This month we chatted to long-standing committee member, karaoke lover and self-confessed film geek Niki.10170768_10154029977115265_1511971055114742742_n

Niki, What do you do in the committee?

I am one of the vice presidents, a title I share with the lovely Lora Su. Our job is to assist the president and run any meeting that she cannot attend. We are also tasked with planning one WI meeting each year.

Last year year Lora and I were fortunate to welcome Kajal Odedra, a campaigner for to come to our meeting to give a talk on online campaigning and what does – For those that do not know they host hundreds of online petitions helping to raise awareness and engage the public, working on many high profile campaigns such as:

I have also helped set up the Girls Just Wanna Watch Films monthly film club with Lauren, our secretary.

Each month we hold a screening at the Genesis Cinema to celebrate women in film. We show films that have been written by or directed by a woman or feature a strong female character. Our most successful screenings so far have been Wadjda and Tiny Furniture, and we also co-hosted a ‘Bechdel Test’ screening of Fish Tank.

Why did you want to join a WI?

To meet more like-minded women in East London, make friends and learn some new things.

What’s your fave moment with Hackney Wick WI so far?

I really enjoyed the bike maintenance meeting and it was a great moment learning how to adjust and fix my brakes and fix a puncture!

What’s your least favourite..?

There’s not been anything I haven’t enjoyed so far. We did have to run a bit when we did boxing in Victoria park in the summer and I’m not a fan of running so that very small moment would probably be the least fave but I soon forgot about that and had lots of fun boxing!

Outside of WI, what do you get up to?

I watch a lot of films- both at the cinema and at home. I produce and present a film show on Hoxton Radio and so have to review films for that but I have always been in love with the magic of movies.

…and I love a bit of Karaoke…

Favourite tipple?

Depends on the time and my mood, as the winter months draw in I begin to favour an ale or perhaps mulled wine.

Fave thing about being a woman

It is an exciting time to be a woman I think. Things seem to be improving for women around the world everyday, there is still a long way to go but it is great to see thing moving forward and progressing.

Least fave thing about being a woman

Period pain!

Favourite place to eat in East London?

I love The Breakfast Club on Hoxton Square, their cow vs pig burger is amazing. I also love Dishoom in Shoreditch- I always get the black dahl as it is delicious.