(Downward) dogging in the park – June’s yoga session

Our newest committee member Chloe shares this month’s meet up activity:


I headed off to our June meeting with a slight sense of apprehension, as the activity was yoga.  In the park.  In the British summer.  The week had started cold, grey and windy, and I’ve never been a big fan of the chloeidea of yoga.


I’d done bits in the past, but I’m not a very, um, relaxed person and have a tendency to giggle when people tell me to be quite and calm.  Also, I was aware of the concept of the ‘downward dog’ and the idea of sticking my bum in the air in public wasn’t that appealing…


How wrong was I!  The sun came out, the wind dropped, and it turns out when a nice, calming voice tells me to concentrate on breathing and ignore the people playing football and listening to music loudly, I can actually forget my surroundings and think about the odd positions I was putting my limbs in and relax whilst doing so!


I wouldn’t claim to be a yoga expert, but I certainly felt nicely stretched out and chilled by the end.  I think that the few moments of silence once we had finished demonstrated that we all felt the same (although shortly after that everyone was up and chatting away as usual)…


And here are Vice presidents Lora Su and Niki yogain their matching MC hammer pants.


Thanks to Pippa Knott for leading our practice.


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