Hackney Wick FC Football lesson – reported by Lauren, WI treasurer

wi 1

In May this year,  the Wicked Women took on the newly formed Hackney Wick Football Club (aka ‘the Wickers’) for a lesson in all things football at Victoria Park in Hackney.

We kicked things off (quite literally) with some ‘warm up’ exercises and attempted to get to know the footballer inside of us all… A struggle for most of us.


Under careful supervision of our coach soon we were all ducking and diving and header-ing like pros – with a few sore heads. The Wickers decided at the end that to instill some rivalry in the WI (we’re all way too nice) we should go head to head in a mini (exhausting) football match!

It was a close call between blues and yellows but with the help of bend it like beckham-esque pro Anna Baker the blues raced to victory at 2-0.

wi 2

The wicked women reconciled at the end over orange slices provided by the lovely Lora (we’re real pros), sweaty and tired but having enjoyed an amazing evening in the sun learning some new skills. We also got to show off our personalised bunting made by member Elaine’s own fair hands. Elaine has since made bunting for the football club, which makes an appearance at their games.

Following our football lesson, the HWFC manager Bobby was inspired to start free women’s football lessons, and subsequently a women’s team!

Watch Bobby’s interview on London Live TV where he mentions the Hackney Wicked Women.

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