Meet the Committee – Sophie the Super-Secretary

Since we last posted on here, we’ve had a few changes on the Wicked Women committee, so new people to help plan awesome meetings for our lovely members, and undertake various admin duties that the WI Federation ask of us!  After our long-standing secretary Charlie stood down earlier on in the year in order to focus more on producing her adorable new future WI guest (even though he’s a boy – men can come to meetings too!), baby Charlie, Sophie volunteered to take the reins (and Charlie’s massive ringbinder of paperwork).  Here we get the lowdown on what the WI and life as a woman in East London means to her…
What do you do in the committee?
I’m the secretary, which means I am drowned in post from the Federation but more interestingly I help promote and publicise the WI.
Why did you want to join a WI?
I’d moved into the area with my boyfriend and wanted to meet some local people. Hackney Wicked Women looked like a group of interesting, cool women so I thought I could bring down the average a bit!
What’s your fave moment with Hackney Wick WI so far?
Marbling was probably my favourite activity. Not to say I was any good at it but very fun nonetheless and my friend got an excellent birthday card out of it.
Outside of WI, what do you get up to?
I love food so if I’m not eating I’m planning meals, going to restaurants or making some new absurd pickle or bread.
Favourite tipple?
Most things with gin. Or just gin. Different types of gin.
Did I mention gin?
Your favourite thing about being a woman?
I love having the flexibility to do pretty much anything I want without judgement, men don’t really get to wear a skirt without a little side eye – I could wear dungarees one day and a silk frock the next. For me it’s the opportunity for constant reinvention.
Your least favourite thing about being a woman?
Societal expectations
What would you like to see for women in Hackney Wick/the WI the future?
To keep its own unique vibe that makes it different from anywhere else in the U.K. or London.
Favourite places in and around Hackney Wick?
Capish’s sandwiches are hard to beat