The HWW AGM – a fiercely contested Presidential election and the long-awaited return of Lady Maths…

This month’s meeting was a game of two halves, first up our Annual General Meeting, followed by a swift exodus to the pub for a superb feminist quiz, hosted by our Secretary Sophie.

We whizzed through our agenda covering our finances and the committee’s annual report, and then formed the committee for 2018.  Founding member (and ex-President) and Treasurer Grace and long-standing Vice-President Niki stood down from the committee, and we were joined by two new volunteers in the shape of Mani and Siobhan.  Lucinda has taken on the reins as Treasurer from Grace and is excited to get her Excel spreadsheet for the accounts started! As always there was big thanks to the committee old and new for all their help in running our WI!

We then moved on to the hotly contested Presidential election, where, despite a number of people being nominated, only Chloe chose to stand.  With agreement from all Chloe will be the President for another year.  The current committee now consists of:

Chloe (President), Sophie (Secretary), Lucinda (Treasurer), Lauren, Elaine, Lora, Rachel, Siobhan and Mani.

We quickly wrapped up the rest of our admin business, and moved on to one of Hackneysophie.jpg Wick’s fine beer-selling establishments for what we can only describe as The Foremost Feminist Quiz.  Super hard questions on a range of topics including women’s history, politics, music, intersectionality followed, plus the return of Lady Maths (basically a load of maths questions which rely heavily on you both being able to do sums and also know the age of Dolly Parton, number of members of the Sugababes etc).  A swift count of points followed, plus prizes for both winning and losing teams.

Quiz Sheets