Five go Foraging! Actually 12 went foraging but that doesn’t work with the Enid Blyton gag…

A proliferation of elderberries.

This month we headed out into the evening sun for a foraging class with Shane (the man himself) from Shane’s on Canalside.  From the apparently pretty dead and dry grassy verge by the canal to the lesser known paths in the Wick Woodland, he showed us what we should be looking for if we wanted to find our own dinner (or a small bit of it, anyway.  If we only ate what we had foraged we might still have been rather hungry…)

From sorrel to elderberries, nettle to borage (the original addition to Pimms – it tastes surpringly like cucumber apparently) we were surprised by how much edible stuff there is right on our doorsteps.


We also learnt about how people use sheep sorrel to add roughage to baking (making a jogger angry in the process – apparently we didn’t move out of his way quick enough. Just calm down mate!), and what hawthorn berries (used in old fashioned ‘tonics’) and sloes (for GIN) look like.

We then headed back to Shane’s, slightly more educated and in some cases slightly more nettle-stung, for dinner and drinks!