Soil, gravel, plastic animals and the odd plant. How the make a terrarium the Wicked Women way…

This month we had our busiest meeting EVER as committee member Mani taught us all how to make our own, fabulous, Instagrammable terrariums!

With instructions only to bring along a jar and some kind of interesting object, we were swiftly launched into a world of gravel and soil.  If you missed out this time, here’s a quick guide on how to make your own…

  1. Select a sensible sized jar (too small and you won’t be able to get your hands in to bed your plants in, too big and it will be heavy and need lots of stuff!)
  2. Add a layer of gravel to the bottom for drainage.
  3. Add a layer of soil (an inch or two is enough)
  4. Give your jar a bit of a shake to get the soil even and then you are ready to get planting!
  5. Get your plants out of their pots and give the roots a bit of a wiggle just to loosen
    Wiggling the roots

    them up.

  6.  Make a small hole in the soil big enough for your plant and pop it in.  Give the soil around your plant a bit of a press to get it settled. Repeat for all your plants.

    Settling down the plants
  7. Add any objects you fancy – we had marble dinosaurs, a plastic rat skeleton, a Patty
    Adding a marble dinosaur…

    and Selma (from the Simpsons) badge and even a tiny bottle of Aperol.  Get creative!

  8. Add a layer of gravel to the top if you want – or you can leave the soil bare.
  9. Water your terrarium!  Not too much (a few spoonfuls is enough) and try to avoid the leaves of your plant.
  10. And you are done!  Your very own terrarium!  I kind of wasn’t listening very hard to the aftercare instructions but I think the general gist was plants don’t like being too cold and don’t want to be too wet.  Maybe google plant care…