Happy New Year, Happy New Yoga skills!


At the National Federation of Women’s Institutes Annual Meeting in June 2018, delegates were clear that action must be taken to improve the way we view mental health. The WI’s Make Time for Mental Health campaign aims to tackle the stigma associated with mental health problems and asks for better support for those who need it. It calls on WI members to recognise the importance of parity between mental and physical health and take action to make it is as acceptable to talk about mental health as it is about physical health.

With this in mind, we invited everyone to join us for a session of yoga and relaxation techniques.  We started with some basic breathing techniques, and learned how to tune in to our own bodies to focus on how we were feeling.  We moved on to some basic poses (check out some great “trees” below – President Chloe is not AT ALL hiding behind Niki and using the cupboard for support…) and finished with a body scan, to really help us engage with ourselves.

Thanks very much to Laura for guiding us through a lovely session.  She is currently teaching a Beginner’s Yoga class at the Yoga Nest in Bethnal Green on Monday nights at 6.30pm if you want to learn some more with her.

Next month we are being joined by the founders of the Nu.Wardrobe who are creating a community and online clothes-sharing platform so that women can borrow clothes from each other instead of having to buy a brand new outfit every time we want something different to wear. Their philosophy is that by sharing we get more use out of the clothes we already have and love, reducing garment waste and our fashion carbon footprint. As a bonus, we can all borrow amazing outfits and save money too!

Membership for the full year is only £42 so now is a great time to join us!  Contact hackneywickwomen@gmail.com to find out more!