“Fast Fashion” is pretty evil, but you CAN still wear great clothes…


This month we were joined by Ali and Aisling from the Nu Wardrobe, whose mission is to enjoy fashion whilst reducing waste.  They have set up a clothes sharing platform which rather than a place to hire designed dresses, is creating a community of people who want to share their favourite clothes the same way you would with your sister or your friends.  That amazing dress you bought for your best friend’s wedding but you don’t really wear because ALL your friends have already seen it?  Lend it to someone else so they can enjoy it too! And you can borrow someone else’s favourite dress for your next big event!

Ali and Aisling gave us a great presentation on how much damage the rise of fast fashion is really doing.  Shops have a constant turnover of new stock, much of which is produced in a really damaging way and is not designed to last.  Fabric production uses a lot of water (particularly cotton), dyes pollute waterways and much of what is produced goes on the cutting room floor as offcuts.  We then buy these cheaply produced clothes which  quickly end up in the bin.  200 million tonnes clothes currently get sent to landfill every year…

So what can we do to help?  We still need clothes!  Here are Ali and Aisling’s top tips for dressing more sustainably…

  • Don’t buy stuff you don’t need – try the 30 wears challenge – when you are looking at buying something new, consider how many times you will actually wear it.  If it’s not lots – ask yourself if you should really buy it.  There also load of tricks to work out how much you really wear most of your clothes (turn all your hangers in your wardrobe in one direction and turn them round once something has been worn. You may quickly realise only 10% of your hangers have been turned…)
  • Look after your clothes – wash them less to reduce wear, repair things and upcycle them once they are really getting to the end of their life.
  • Buy ‘slow and steady’. Invest in ethical brands (Mud Jeans, Birdsong, Veja and Reformation are just some to cinsider), and focus on quality not quantity.
  • Join the #FashionRevolution. Talk about ethical fashion!
  • And finally, share clothes!


If you want to learn more about their platform check out http://www.thenuwardrobe.com and get involved!