If at first you don’t succeed (in making your cocktail frothy), just shake it again…

This month we were joined by the fabulous Andrea from Our/London for a class in cocktail mixology (and how to drink neat gin…)


First up, we learnt the Pink Collins, a tasty combination of Our/London gin, lime juice, sugar syrup and pink grapefruit soda*. Shaken over ice and served long with a sprig of thyme and slice of pink grapefruit, we were all super impressed with our Tom Cruise-esque standard of cocktail making!

*no guarantees that this is exactly right.  We drank a lot of gin by the end of the evening so my memory might be a little bit hazy…

20190515_200412.jpgWe then moved on to a ‘palate cleansing’ shot of gin.  Andrea taught us how to introduce our sense of smell and taste to the intense alcohol (basically have a gentle sniff, and then a small sip, holding it in your mouth for a little while).  Then the second sip seems a lot less brutal, and allows you to taste the flavours properly.  We managed to identify something floral (which turned out to be geranium) and Sophie got sichuan pepper.

After gently sipping (no tequila style slamming for us, we were being very well behaved) the rest of our gin, we headed back to our shakers for cocktail number two, the Mint Cup.

The Mint Cup included more gin (of course), pineapple juice, pistachio syrup, lemon juice and mint.  Shaken hard over ice, when poured it should have had a creamy froth on the top, ready to be garnished with a sprig of mint, flaked almonds and a grating of nutmeg.  The perfectionists of the group (you know who you are, Sophie and Rachel!) even went as far as to re-shake their drink to create the perfect foam!

A massive thanks to Our/London and Andrea for supporting our evening of boozy fun! Our/London offer similar sessions at their distillery in Hackney Downs, and Andrea also runs events as Olive and Pineapple so get in touch if you want some more cocktail making hilarity in your life!