What’s on

Come join us:


Meetings are subject to change so keep your eyes peeled here or on our social media for details closer to each meeting.

Our meetings happen on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, but we also have fundraising activities and social events throughout the year.

Meetings are free for members and £7-£15* for guests dropping in. Our regular home is Hub67 on Rothbury Road, but we occasionally go elsewhere (sometimes we like to go outdoors and enjoy the great British summer!), so keep an eye on our social media or the e-mail newsletter for details of each meeting.

If you fancy becoming a member visit our membership page or, contact our treasurer Lucinda at hackneywickwomen@gmail.com for details.

If you’d like to come to one of the following events, you can turn up on the evening – or just contact us here or on Twitter or Facebook.

*Cost vary depending on the activity. Keep an eye on the Facebook/Insta/E-mail invite for details each month…

Previous events:







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