Krav Maga, safety training, ninja skills and popcorn…

Group Pic - 1.JPG

This month we were joined by Chi from Saint Fury Fitness to learn some basic self-defence skills, based on Krav Maga.

As usual the Hackney Wicked Women were well prepared for some physical activity with leopard print dresses, flip-flops and popcorn-based snacks, but then surely most self-defence moments don’t occur when you are wearing gym gear and trainers, right?

Secretary Sophie taking a good kicking

Chi went through some sensible safety basics (one of his top tips is to avoid walking around with your headphones in, staring at your phone.  Obvious really but I think we are all guilty of ignoring what is going on around us in favour of checking Instagram!).

We then kicked ass at some physical self-defence.  It may have been in the middle of the heatwave but we are not afraid to get a bit sweaty!

Even Chi was a bit scared by Rachel…

And the prize for Wicked Woman we’d least like to meet in a dark alley?  Definitely Rachel!  She’s small but terrifying!!

If you came to the meeting and would like to leave some feedback for Chi, he would really appreciate it – head to his Facebook page to send him some love!

And if you fancy a go, get in touch with him at


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